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Install DaVinci Resolve or DaVinci Resolve Studio on Debian

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How it works

When you download Resolve or Resolve Studio for Linux you will get an installer made for the CentOS system described in the Resolve configuration guide. That is the only supported configuration.

There are a lot of advise online on how to make the official CentOS installer run on Debian but in many cases it breaks the whole Debian concept and in some cases it's downright dangerous and can corrupt your system in an unpredictable way.

MakeResolveDeb is made for Debian and Debian based derivatives such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

MakeResolveDeb takes the official installer, unpacks it, and then reassembles it into a *.deb package that can be installed, and removed, using your favorite Debian package management tool.

Every release of MakeResolveDeb is made for a specific version of Resolve to limit the amount of test cases needed before every release (this is something I do in my spare time after all).


DaVinci Resolve and Fusion are products by Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd. MakeResolveDeb and MakeFusionDeb are in no way endorsed by or connected to Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd. I do not redistribute DaVinci Resolve or Fusion or provide pre-fabricated *.deb files for the products.

The information and tools are provided here at your own risk. I will not be liable for any losses or damages as a result of using information or tools from this web site.


Download DaVinci Resolve installer

Go to www.blackmagicdesign.com and download the official installer *.zip archive for DaVinci Resolve or DaVinci Resolve Studio for Linux and save it into a new empty directory.

Download MakeResolveDeb

The version of MakeResovleDeb must match the version of Resolve you are installing. Make note of the version you downloaded from Blackmagic Design. It must match the version of MakeResolveDeb. For example, if you downloaded Resolve Studio 16.0 you should get the latest MakeResolveDeb for Resolve 16.0, such as 16.0-1.

Download the appropriate version of MakeResolveDeb *.tar.gz from this website and put it in the same directory as the Resolve installer *.zip archive.

Unpack downloaded archives

From now on it's easiest to continue in the terminal. Open up a new terminal window and go to the directory where you downloaded the Resolve installer and MakeResolveDeb and unpack both archives.

For example:

cd ~/resolvedeb unzip DaVinci_Resolve_Studio_16.0_Linux.zip tar zxvf makeresolvedeb_16.0-1.sh.tar.gz

You should now have the following files in the directory:

DaVinci_Resolve_Studio_16.0_Linux.run DaVinci_Resolve_Studio_16.0_Linux.zip Linux_Installation_Instructions.pdf makeresolvedeb_16.0-1.sh.tar.gz makeresolvedeb_16.0-1.sh

NOTE: Resolve versions prior to 15.2.2 is distributed in an .sh file instead of in a .run file but the procedure is the same.

Run MakeResolveDeb

When you have unpacked the archives and have all the needed files in the directory it's time to assemble the new *.deb file using MakeResolveDeb. In order to start the process MakeResolveDeb needs to know if you are installing Resolve or Resolve Studio. This is done by giving the MakeResolveDeb script the argument "lite" for Resolve or "studio" for Resolve Studio. The choice you make here must match the installer archive you downloaded. Execute the MakeResolveDeb script and give the argument "lite" or "studio" to start.

For example:

./makeresolvedeb_16.0-1.sh studio


./makeresolvedeb_16.0-1.sh lite

The conversion can take a few minutes depending on computer and storage performance. If there are errors during the process it will be displayed on the terminal. A successful conversion is indicated by the last line saying "[DONE]" and the reported number of errors 0.

NOTE: If you abort MakeResolveDeb you may end up in an unconsistent state that can cause errors. If error count is not zero and you have aborted MakeResolveDeb at some earlier point just re-run MakeResolveDeb again and the consistency errors should be fixed.

Installing the Debian package

A successful conversion generates a *.deb file that can be installed to your system. Since the Blackmagic Design installer does not provide any package dependencies you will have to make sure that you have all the required packages installed that are required by Resolve before continuing. To install Resolve you can use dpkg.

For example:

sudo dpkg -i davinci-resolve-studio_16.0-1_amd64.deb


sudo dpkg -i davinci-resolve_16.0-1_amd64.deb

Common problems

MakeResolveDeb reports missing function and stops

If the conversion process stops and gives an error message such as

Sorry. Need 'xyz' to continue.

Then you are missing a required system package to make the conversion. To fix this you usually just have to install the package mentioned in the error message and re-run the conversion.

For example:

sudo apt-get install xyz

(where xyz is the name of the missing package)

Missing libssl1.0.0

This is rarely needed anymore but some old versions of Resolve requires libssl1.0.0 which is normally not included in many current Debian based distributions. To solve this you will have to download and install libssl1.0.0 package for your distribution.

For Debian you can download and install libssl1.0.0 from Jessie. libssl1.0.0 Debian Jessie

For Ubuntu you can download and install libssl1.0.0 from Xenial. libssl1.0.0 Ubuntu Xenial

If you are installing libssl1.0.0 after you install Resolve you will have to reconfigure the Resolve package to make Resolve find the new library.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure davinci-resolve-studio


sudo dpkg-reconfigure davinci-resolve

When Resolve doesn't start at all or exits immediately

  1. Run resolve from a prompt (/opt/resolve/bin/resolve) and check the output for error messages
  2. Make sure you have all required libraries installed. Run "ldd /opt/resolve/bin/resolve" and verify that there are no missing libraries (ldd should give no lines with "not found" in them)
  3. Log files provide a lot of useful information. Please check for clues. Location differs between Resolve versions.
    - Resolve 15 and below: /opt/resolve/logs/
    - Resolve 16 and up: ~/.local/share/DaVinciResolve/logs/
  4. Resolve is quite picky when it comes to GPU drivers and versions. Make sure you have both CUDA and OpenCL libraries installed. Even if you use CUDA, a working OpenCL is still required for proper function, and vice versa.
  5. Segmentation fault on startup usually means missing GPU drivers, unsupported GPU driver version or unsupported GPU hardware. Check log files for clues.

Other problems

Check out the Linux install issues thread on the Blackmagic Design Forums using the link below.

DaVinci Resolve on Debian Linux (and makeresolvedeb)

DaVinci Resolve on Linux - Install issues

All MakeResolveDeb versions

16.2.7-1 - New Resolve version!

16.2.6-1 - New Resolve version!

16.2.5-1 - New Resolve version!

16.2.4-1 - New Resolve version!

16.2.3-2 - Fixed duplicate directory creation error.

16.2.3-1 - New Resolve version! Added panel controlpanel shortcut.

16.2.2-2 - Panel lib fixes #2.

16.2.2-1 - Panel lib fixes.

16.2.1-1 - New Resolve version!

16.2-3 - Fixed BMRAW symlink bug.

16.2-2 - Removed fixes longer neded since 16.2.

16.2-1 - New Resolve version! Clean up stray files before conversion.

16.1.2-1 - New Resolve version!

16.1.1-3 - Fix for missing x flag on DaVinciPanelDaemon

16.1.1-2 - Fix for read-only files in source archive.

16.1.1-1 - New Resolve version!

16.1-2 - Added support for the new Debian lib structure.

16.1-1 - First non-beta release. New Resolve version!

16.1b3-4 - Beta! Added warning if /usr/lib64 already exist.

16.1b3-3 - Beta! Improved /usr/lib64 workaround.

16.1b3-2 - Beta! /usr/lib64 workaround.

16.1b3-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

16.1b2-2 - Beta! Improved BMRAW fix.

16.1b2-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

16.1b1-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

16.0-5 - Added warning if /usr/lib64 already exist.

16.0-4 - Improved /usr/lib64 workaround.

16.0-3 - /usr/lib64 workaround.

16.0-2 - Improved BMRAW fix.

16.0-1 - First non-beta release. New Resolve version!

16.0b7-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

16.0b6-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

16.0b5-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

16.0b4-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

16.0b3-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

16.0b2-2 - Beta! BMRAW fix.

16.0b1-1 - Beta! Major changes. Use with caution.

15.3.1-2 - BMRAW fix.

15.3.1-1 - New Resolve version!

15.3-2 - Fix for panel API lib.

15.3-1 - New Resolve version!

15.2.4-1 - New Resolve version!

15.2.3-1 - New Resolve version!

15.2.2-1 - Adopted for new installer.

15.2.1-1 - New Resolve version!

15.2-2 - Fix for libssl and libcrypto no longer needed.

15.2-1 - New Resolve version!

15.1.2-1 - New Resolve version!

15.1.1-1 - New Resolve version!

15.1-1 - Change in libs and paneld.

15.0.1-1 - New Resolve version!

15.0-2 - Added DolbyVision config file and crashreport dir.

15.0-1 - First non-beta release. New Resolve version!

15.0b8-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

15.0b7-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

15.0b6-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

15.0b5-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

15.0b4-1 - Beta! New Resolve version!

15.0b3-1 - Beta! Improved handling of config files. First web release.

14.3-2 - Improved handling of config files. First web release.

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